You Can Camp Anywhere With the Colorado Range Tent

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Customer Satisfaction

pict 2 - You Can Camp Anywhere With the Colorado Range TentA few years back we got an order for a Colorado Range Tent. Nothing interesting about that, we get many of those. The interesting part was why this couple needed our tent. It wasn’t for camping; it was to provide much needed shelter from blood sucking Brooklyn mosquitos that made this couple’s backyard almost unliveable in the summer months. Having researched their options, and only having a very small area to work with, they came across our company and quickly fell in love with the simple design of our Cowboy Tipi, as well as the weather resistant all natural materials that we use here at Denver Tent Company. This would be the perfect solution to their little back yard.

 A Tipi Stands in Brooklyn

We have a small backyard, without enough lawn area to properly stake the tent’s corners. Still, my wife wanted a tent in part because she loves the design and the nature of the materials, and also to avoid the mosquitoes that make June through September so borderline unliveable in a Brooklyn back yard. I protested that a tent would be too difficult to put up and down on our small wooden deck (not enough room or level ground farther back in the yard) and also that there would be no way to stake it down. She countered that she’d find a way and the tent was worth it.

Backyard Camping e1401970160778 - You Can Camp Anywhere With the Colorado Range Tent

The Cowboy Tipi in a Brooklyn back yard

She was right!

range tent pole set - You Can Camp Anywhere With the Colorado Range TentCleverly, instead of staking out the four corners, we measured the distance the corner holes should sit from screw-eyes if attached by a small 3” carabiner. We drilled small holes into the wooden deck, screwed in the screw eyes, and affixed the carabiner from the tent to the screw eyes. The large wooded pole system designed to hold the tent up had sufficient torque from the weight of the tent to hold its legs in the cracks between beams of the deck. This wasn’t a fluke- there was a significant wind storm and the whole thing held!! Thanks to my wife’s cleverness and your amazing product, we’ve found it easy and enjoyable to take the tipi tent up and down and really enjoy our yard, while in previous years that would’ve required lots of bug spray and itching. And as a bonus, we’re expecting a boy on July 31st, and we now have a convenient outdoor playpen for him.

You can really camp anywhere- even in North Brooklyn, NYC
as long as you have the right tipi tent!

Denver Tent Company

CO Made - You Can Camp Anywhere With the Colorado Range TentOur tents can go anywhere you want to go, even if it is just in your own back yard. The reason we are so successful is ultimately because of you, the customer. We have worked closely with the people who buy and use our tents, for sport, for work, or for pleasure and we are constantly making improvements so that they will continue to be the absolute best. Call us today and let us know how we can help you enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors, or chilling in your own back yard an even greater experience than before.

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