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Protection from the Windy Days


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Windbreaks are used in agriculture to protect trees, plants, and crops from extreme wind, they also have other applications such as tennis courts or homes, where apart from the wind, it offers privacy and decoration to the surrounding space.

Do you live in a windy region and want to find a discreet solution to be in the wind and protect your crops? A screen fence will be the ideal solution. The particular shape of its holes cut the force of the wind allowing air to pass and thus prevent the fence from being pulled out.
In areas with a strong and constant wind problem, measures must be taken to deal with this problem. It can cause different damage to your plants, such as loss of fruits even though they are not ripe, marks due to friction, and dryness in the floor.


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If you need covers for your trailer, equipment, agricultural gear, food carts, wagons, and turbine,  Denver Tent specializes in durable and long lasting custom covers. Our easy to use custom covers can be made in any size with many fabrics and colors to choose from. If you can describe it, we can usually make it!   Let us help you with all your custom cover needs!
Denver Tent Company offers a wide selection of screen products including standard window screen, open mesh, PVC coated, knitted and our high-end fiberglass screen products used in our Colorado Wall Tent. Our screen selection is ideal for wind barriers such as outfield fences, tennis court perimeters, pool areas, or anywhere the wind is a problem. Our other screen products are used extensively in a tent and other portable shelters and bags when ventilation or cooling is important. We finish our entire screen product line with quality finished edges, seams, and grommets if required. We can also provide pattern cutouts, custom sizing, and quantity discounts. Call or email us today!

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