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Dare to venture: hunting wild turkeys and camping!

Wild turkey hunting is a passion throughout the United States.

Several modalities are used for wild turkey hunting, but they all have their charm, jumping, roost in roosts, etc.

Every year 2.3 million hunters launch themselves in search of this magnificent bird when the hunting season begins in the United States.hunting 164717 1280 300x300 - Wild Turkey Hunting

The hunt of the turkey generates necessary economic income in many states of the Union because these birds live in their forests and fields. There are thousands of hunters who move to these places to achieve their hunting objective.

The region’s native wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo wild) quickly became one of the favorite prey for the intrepid and hungry emigrants, who came to the new world in search of opportunities from the old continent.thanksgiving2 300x200 - Wild Turkey Hunting

So popular was the baked turkey that it became the main dish of Thanksgiving.

Obviously, the indiscriminate hunting during that time by the hunters caused much destruction in the forests. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the wild turkey had practically disappeared.

From 1940 a series of measures were taken in several states to recover the species. It is currently estimated that around 6 million turkeys are hanging around the forests of many states of the Union.

Tips for hunting wild turkeys

The key facet in the turkey hunt is to locate it. This is essential and easy when the males begin to make their characteristic sound, at dawn and before descending from the trees.

To have good results in the hunt, it must start around 4 in the morning.

One of the techniques is to build a hiding place near where the turkeys were found the previous night. Also, you must go with camouflaged clothes and keep silent to listen to the turkeys.made in colorado denvertent e1423086042935 300x300 - Wild Turkey Hunting

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