Why should you choose Denver Tent Company?

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Denver Tent Company provides many tent options to choose from with high quality fabrics and outstanding durability. These tents are made to last and be a tent that you can trust for many events to come.

Denver Tent Company

We offer many types of tents and products that are broken down into three categories. Event tents, custom products, and sportsmen tents.

Event Tents

We specialize in tents for any of your events needs. Ranging from small backyard BBQ tents to massive structural tents for gatherings or celebrations. Each tent is made with the most trusted fabrics for durability and is built to last numerous events. We offer event tents that are the most elaborate for the most important events.

Custom Products

Denver Tent Company provides custom products such as commercial pool covers, commercial awnings, and custom tents, sewing, and fabrics. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality fabric items for industry, business, residential and recreational uses.

Sportsmen Tents

Arapahoe Tipi
Denver Tent has been making the highest quality tents, bed tarps and tipi’s since 1890! We offer many sportsmen tents from the classic wall tent to the Authentic Cheyenne/Sioux tipis. All of our sportsmen tents are made of the most durable canvas and is built to withstand the high winds encountered in the wilderness.


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