Go Camping at the First U.S. National Park

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The Yellowstone National Park holds the planet’s most diverse and intact collection of geysers, hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles and it is the first National Park of United States of America. The Yellowstone was established in 1872 and it is the home of grizzly bears, elk, bison, wolves, and more than 1,350 species of plants. When you visit  Yellowstone National Park, you will find amazing scenic nature in the 2,219,791 acres of territory that the park has in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

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Photo by National Park Service – NPS.gov

The National Park offers 12 campgrounds with more than 2,000 campsites available that are perfect for camping with your Denver Tent. While you are camping in Yellowstone you can go hiking, mountain biking and fishing as part of the outdoors activities you can do. When you go camping at this natural wonder, you won’t find a similar experience in any other place in the planet as it has the most active geothermal activity in the world. Visit Yellowstone National Park this Spring and discover why this place is an amazing place!

The Best Base Camp Tents and Equipment for Camping in Yellowstone National Park

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