Why Choose a Colorado Wall Tent?

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Colorado Wall Tent: High Quality for the Great Outdoors

First of all, Denver Tent Company makes the highest quality tents in the market. We are known for having the best product in the industry and this reputation doesn´t come alone. For more than 100 years we see things that failed and found the way to improve it and make it better. Our workers have been here for 20 to 30 years, they are real artisans. We ask our customers about their experiences with the tents and respond to them.

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How is the Colorado Wall Tent Made?

First, each piece of the fabric is cut using our own patterns to ensure a high standard product. Next, the pieces are turned over to a sewing machinist who meticulously put the pieces together. Fabric, zippers, grommets, screens, windows, and frames are made in the USA from the best quality materials. Our tents are handmade and fully assembled in Denver Tent from start to finish. Only dedicated workers can produce such a high-quality product taking care of every stitch and weld. And each tent is tested in our own factory to make sure we do not send out any inferior products. We take pride in our product!
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Features of the Wall Tent

This tent is for serious camping, for more demanding backcountry camping or hunting trips.
Some characteristics of the Colorado Wall Tent that make it stand out from other products are:

  • high-quality materials such as fabric, frames, zippers, screen, grommets, D-ring snaps
  • 100 % American designed, developed and produced
  • easy to set up (no more than 15 minutes)
  • durable
  • flexibleColorado Tent logo - Why Choose a Colorado Wall Tent?
  • big enough to fit your whole living room
  • reasonable price

Contact the Denver Tent Company to find out more about our tents.

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