Why Butcher Your Own Deer?

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There is a very important decision for you to make during this hunting season. Will you take your deer to a local processor so that they can perform the butchering process, or will you do it on your own?
There are numerous reasons why taking it to a processor can be easier, the main two being the lack of time and butchering space. Nonetheless, the arguments for butchering yourself are much more relevant. Here are three reasons to do it yourself:

1) You can be certain that your deer is not being swapped

Although most processors aim to keep each deer tagged through the entire process, we know that it is not always the case. When several deer are being butchered together, some cuts or even entire deer can be switched. When you do it yourself, you can be completely sure that the deer you hunted is the same one you are putting in the freezer.

butcher a deer chart - Why Butcher Your Own Deer?2) It’s easier than it seems:

Don’t let an entire deer hanging from the meat pole intimidate you. There are many great tutorials on Youtube that showcase exactly how to do it. Choose one of this videos, watch it a few times, and that uneasy feeling will disappear.

3) You can make the best of you deer meat

Frequently, large-scale processors are extremely busy during hunting season, so they don’t have the take you would have to save every scrap of meat from your hard-earned trophy. Cutting it yourself enables you to make use of the entire animal. We owe it to the deer to waste as little as possible. This also allows you to pack it as you best see fit.
So, there you go! Now you only need to make your decision. Regardless of what you end up doing, remember that we are here to serve you. We have the best tents for your hunting trip. Contact us today and let us go on this adventure together.

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