What Type of Denver Tent Is Right For You?

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A Tent For Any Occasion

June is almost here, so if you haven’t already reserved your camping spot, now is the time to do it. The good news is, most national parks will offer off-site camping, or dry-camping spots for those who want to camp off the beaten path. However, if you like to spend your time while camping in the great outdoors, Denver Tent Company offers a variety of high-quality tents to fit all types of campers and outdoorsmen (and women).
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The Hunter

This is for the active camper, the sports camper, the hunter. If you plan on doing more than just stroll about in nature, relaxing and soaking up the fresh air, then the Colorado Wall Tent is a good tent for you. This tent comes in our Army Duck canvas or WeatherMAX fabric, helping you blend into any hunting environment while still having a comfortable and reliable base camp when you return from the hunt.
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The Wanderer

If you want to really get away from the noise, even the noise of the busy summer campsites (and they do get busy), then we have a simple Colorado Range Tent that is perfect for moving about from night to night. It is easy to pitch and pack, and is excellent shelter in bad weather. More the wandering camper, this is the tent for you. If we didn’t believe in this little gem of a tent, then it wouldn’t have been in our catalog since 1916!
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The Happy Camper

If you are camping with the whole family and want a tent that can house everyone at night, then our Colorado Herder Tent is a simpler, more economical version of the classic canvas wall tent. It has the classic center pole set up, but the high walls provide more livable room. It’s perfect if you have packed up the whole family and need more space for all the things that come with camping with the kids.
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The Survivalist

For those of you who want to be challenged when you are out in the wild, we have the Colorado Lodge Tent. This is for serious outdoor adventurous who want to test their skills in the wild, but still sleep and be sheltered in comfort. For this tent we use the WeatherMAX® fabric which is the key to this tent’s success. We took everything we liked about the traditional canvas wall tent and combined it with this state of the art material. If you are going to survive dangerous terrain and extreme weather while testing your survival skills out in the wild, then this is the tent you want to come home to at night. It is guaranteed to outperform any other tent on the market.
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Denver Tent Company

Whatever type of camper you are, Denver Tent Company is sure to have a tent for you. We have over a century of tent construction experience and thanks to a continual dialog with our customers and outdoor adventurers, we are constantly improving and updating our design. And because we know that every camper is different, we have a variety of custom options for each of our tents and can always work with you to custom fit your tent to your needs. Call us today, and see how we can help enhance your future outdoor adventures.

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