What Should You Take in a Hiking Backpack

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Be in contact with nature: go hiking!

Hiking is an outdoor activity that keeps us in direct contact with nature while enjoying it, and also getting some excellent exercise.

You can go for one or several days according to your choice of where to go.

Leave the city behind and venture out to be part of nature. Having a cosmic connection is a great experience. A hiking backpack is one of the best items, so it’s essential to know how to pack it.hiking 691738 300x300 - What Should You Take in a Hiking Backpack


The most important thing is to choose a backpack that is special for hiking, depending on whether there will be any extreme conditions, both in summer and winter.

If it is a one day trip, it is advisable to bring a small backpack. If it is for several days, you will have to increase your cargo volume since you will need more things.

Before packing the backpack, make a list of the items that you will need to carry

Main items needed in the backpack for summer hiking are:

  1. Comfortable and light clothes, especially for summer, plus special hiking socks, comfortable hiking shoes, hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen
  2. Multipurpose knife or tool that helps solve various problems
  3. Candle or lighter wrapped in a plastic bag, so they do not get wet
  4.  Basic first aid kit
  5.  Camping equipment, food, drinks
  6.  Maps, compass, and GPS

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