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At Denver Tent everything we manufacture is done with the highest quality, care and passion for our customers, which is why we have been creating the best tents in Colorado since 1890. Today we are going to write about our Event Tents, the perfect Tents for those outdoors activities in Denver.
The Pole Tent: These tents goes from traditional pole tents to elegant tension tents are available from 10′ to over 100′ with unlimited lengths, perfect for those parties, backyard celebrations, receptions and corporate gatherings.


The Frame Tent: Available in 10′, 12′, 15′, 20′, 30′ and 40′ wide structures, the Frame Tent is a freestanding framework of aluminum or steel pipe that supports a vinyl roof without the use of interior poles. These type of tents work perfectly for gatherings limited by confined spaces such as backyards, over a patio, in a parking lot or against a building.

frame tent curves

The Tension Tent: Ideal for weddings, festivals, hospitality stations and company picnics, our tension tents are available in 20′, 30′, 40′, 50, 60, 80′ and 100′ wide structures. These tents are supported by a minimal number of interior poles creating thousand of square feet of unobstructed inner space.

Multiple Tension Tents

Clear Span Structure: A clear span structure is a fully engineered, temporary to perm structure with unobstructed interior space, advanced wall systems and a straight, clean exterior appearance. These amazing tents are available in 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′, 66′, 82′, 100′, 132′ and 164′ wide structures, and are perfect for outdoor pool coverings, sporting events, large parties and industrial warehousing.


The Denver Tent Pop Up: The Pop Up is a temporary, very lightweight and portable tent-like structure perfect for backyard parties, swim meets, BBQ’s or group gatherings for camp.

10x10 popup canopy

The Party Canopy: Perfect for any event or occasion the Party Tent is reliable, durable, affordable and easy.

Colorado Party Canopy

Denver Tent Company Has The Best Tents In The Industry

At Denver Tent Company our goal is to provide top of the line canvas wall tents and sportsmen tents for all outdoor adventurers. Whether you are a working rancher spending nights on the range in our Range Tent or a hobby camper looking for a spacious, luxurious tent for the whole family like our Lodge tent, the Denver Tent Company tents are the best in the industry. We’ve spent over a century perfecting our tents and we are proud to have a product that is Made in America. In fact, our tents are constructed right here in Denver, Colorado. Stop by today and check out our inventory.

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