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Tips for camping in cold weather

  1. Use a Tent Suitable for Winteroyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173h s 300x300 - Keep Warm in the Cold Weather

Depending on the climate of the area where you will be camping in winter, and how many people are going to be in it, you should choose an appropriate tent. It is absurd to think about how to warm a family size tent if you camp alone. It is also not necessary to be in a small and crowded space to have human warmth. Choose a tent with enough room for your family. Denver Tent offers a variety of tents that will fit all your needs. The Colorado Lodge Tent is uniquely designed for luxury and comfort with the revolutionary WeatherMAX® fabric in mind. The Colorado Lodge Tent has been field tested under diverse conditions and has outperformed our wildest expectations.

  1. Get Ready To Camp In Winter

Both your clothes and your sleeping bag should be adequate to protect you from the cold. Try to carry the number of clothes necessary to be able to change out of sweaty, wet clothing which is easier for catching a cold.

Pay special attention to socks and footwear. With warm, dry feet it is easier to maintain an adequate body temperature. If you can not warm your feet, it will be difficult to avoid feeling cold. Use quick drying socks whenever possible.

oyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173xa s 300x300 - Keep Warm in the Cold Weather

  1. Orient Your Camping Tent

Do it in a way that it is protected from the wind and, if necessary, use an additional windbreak. In the case of going camping in winter, try to set the door of your tent in front of the area where you are going to cook and that this is protected from the wind.  Another good practice while in the winter is to set the tent, if possible, near the bathrooms and the light tower, spending less time outdoors at any given time.


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