Turkey for Thanksgiving: Why?

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Why a turkey for Thanksgiving?

The preparation of turkey for Thanksgiving is a tradition from many years ago, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Each family has specific recipes to prepare the turkey dinner with different ingredients.

But stuffed turkey is the main dish of this day’s celebration, and accompanied by other traditional dishes.

Christmas is the most important holiday in the United States, but Thanksgiving is fundamental, not only because of its meaning but because it is the beginning of the holidays.

Little Bit of Thanksgiving historyThanksgiving6 300x300 - Turkey for Thanksgiving: Why?

  • Thanksgiving has been celebrated since December 1620, when the settlers arrive in Massachuttsses.
  • Many settlers died because they were not prepared for the intense cold; they died of diseases and hunger.
  • In the following year, several crops were planted, with the help of a tribe of American Indians, and they had an excellent harvest. To celebrate it, they made the first Thanksgiving, and it lasted three days.
  • But it was not a national holiday until President Lincoln declared it in 1863.

Turkey for Thanksgiving, Why?

The turkey is an animal of North American origin, that is why 90% of Americans eat turkey on this day.

It is common to have stuffed turkey, where the stuffing is added as an accompaniment to the turkey. It is also essential that the gravy be made from the juice of the meat.

Unique Tasting Turkey

Thanksgiving1 e1510947376407 300x300 - Turkey for Thanksgiving: Why?Prepare a butter-based marinade: you can add lemon, spices, even honey, molasses, or maple syrup (a flavor used by Native Americans). Mix the ingredients well and spread the whole turkey with the flavored butter, making it juicy with delicious crunchy skin.

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