Trout Fishing in Colorado

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Fishing and camping in Colorado

In Colorado, you can find several species of brook trout, rainbow, brown and killer.

  • In deep reservoirs and lakes, you can find the trout in the Rocky Mountains. They are swimming in streams and rivers from one end of the state to the other. This attracts many fishes during the summer season, and they settle in fishing camps.
  • There are several ways to catch trout using bait, flies, or spinners.
  • There is a brochure with the fishing regulations, of the Colorado Wildlife Dissection. Every fisherman must read it before going fishing, to keep the rules in mind to follow them.
  • It is important every year to re-read and update with the new regulations that change from year to year. For example, the bag and possession of daily limits, artificial flies/decoy restrictions, or the catch and release 797187 e1504227208950 300x300 - Trout Fishing in Colorado
  • It is necessary to buy a fishing license; children under 16 do not require a permit.
  • Determine the place for fishing, to know what type of equipment to carry. The most common modalities are; trolling from a boat, from the shore, in a current of the river, or fly from a boat.
  • If the idea is to go for several days and set up camp, be informed about the best places and what they offer.
  • Look for currents, pool areas, and deep pockets in lakes and streams, because trout often feed on these spots.
  • When fishing with bait, it is advisable to do it against the current. In this way, the lure moves more naturally and is easier to attract the trout.
  • Whichever way you decide to fish will give a lot of satisfaction once it is hooked, even if it is a fish that offers a lot of fight.
  • If you’re in a campsite, then you can prepare the trout on the barbecue or fried, and it is a delicious meal.

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