Trekking and Enjoying Natural Beauty

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Enjoy the scenery while exercising, go trekking!

Among the adventure sports that we can do in the mountains or trails is trekking. Like all sports, necessary clothing and equipment are needed for its practice, although it is not a high impact sport.

The clothing and equipment that we are going to use depend on the weather conditions.

In some mountain areas, conditions can change severely, going from the toughest in the winter to the friendliest in the summer.backpack 774720 300x300 - Trekking and Enjoying Natural Beauty

There is an implement that can never be forgotten, summer or winter, the backpack.

Below is a list of the basic things that we must plan to use when trekking

1) Footwear: functional hiking boots will be necessary for hiking in the mountains. If the terrain is less mountainous and rocky, you can opt for trekking or trail shoes.

2) Clothing: the clothes depend a lot on the conditions where trekking will take place. If it is a cold winter, a thermal jacket that is both breathable and has a waterproof layer. For the summer we can choose light clothes and breathable, long or short pants, hat or cap, and sunglasses.

3) Backpack: the choice of the pack depends a lot on the weather, whether we are going to carry winter clothes, or do a tour of more than one day.

4) Cap: in the winter season with low temperatures, a hat is essential to protect us from the cold. If it is in summer a cap or hat to protect us from the sun.

5) Extra clothes: in the backpack, it is convenient to carry extra clothes, especially in winter in case we are surprised by low temperatures on the way.

6) Glasses with UV filter: the mountain sun can damage your eyes. Therefore sunglasses with UV filter are necessary, denver tent 19 300x300 - Trekking and Enjoying Natural Beautythe same in winter or summer.

7)First Aid Kit: it is essential to treat any wound or pain.

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