Tonight "How It's Made" Looks at the Colorado Canvas Wall Tent

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How do you make a quality wall tent?

The secret is coming out. Thanks to the Science Channel, everyone today will know how The Denver Tent Company makes their awesome Colorado Wall Tent. Think it’s just piecing together a big piece of canvas and adding a few metal bars to hold it upright? Think again. In order to make our tent the best, most durable, weather resistant tent, you need dedicated, detail oriented men and women to oversee every cut, stitch, and weld to ensure the product is a cut above the rest.

CO_MadeThe Science Behind the Canvas Wall Tent

The Science Networks popular show “How It’s Made”, set their sights on our very own Canvas Wall Tent. The episode follows the tent from the first cut on the durable weather resistant canvas, to the showing machine to the assembling of the stainless steel inner frame, to the fiberglass window to the stove top air vent. And it’s all made right here in our Colorado factory. It is 100% American designed, developed, produced and tested. To see the episode featuring our canvas wall tents, tune in on Saturday, May 10th@ 5:00pm ET/PT

The first cut to the last stich

OYOA 2009 HuntThe canvas wall tent is not your childhood back yard triangle tent. This tent is for serious camping, mostly used as a base camp for more demanding backcountry camping or hunting trips. You can practically fit your whole living room into this handmade beauty. Our factory fabric cutter oversees and cuts each piece of fabric using our own patterns to ensure that it is up to our very high standard. The pieces are then turned over to our sewing machinists who meticulously put all the pieces together from the zippers, to screens to windows, to stainless steel clasps to hold the tent together.

Handmade from start to finish

If you’re two people who get along, the entire set up takes about 10 minutes logo

The production of all our tents are overseen by real people who all take great pride in making this the absolute best product we can produce. We don’t just leave this process to machines. Each piece of canvas, steel, and fiberglass has been touched by one of our many tent cutters, sewers and assembly men (and women). And each tent is tested in our own factory to make sure we do not send out any inferior products. We take pride in our product, and it shows. Once the tent is in your hands, all you have to do is figure out where to go. Once you get where you’re going, if you’re two people who get along, the entire set up takes about 10 minutes. Contact the Denver Tent Company today to find out more about our superior tents to fit any occation.
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