Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter

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There are some very important things you should know about deer if you are planning on hunting one of these creatures. Here are some tips to have great success rates for this hunting season:

hunter 67002 1024x667 - Tips To Make You A Better Deer HunterDeer’s Eye Sight:

Deer can surely see you, especially while you are wearing blaze orange. Opposite to people’s belief, there is evidence that supports that a deer can see colors. The main reason for wearing blaze orange is for safety because people get shot by accident every single year, but sometimes it can work to your disadvantage while hunting for a deer. Try sitting in a place where the trees or brush break up your outline, while making sure you give yourself the ability to take a clean shot.

deer 1246309 1024x768 - Tips To Make You A Better Deer HunterDeer’s Sensitivity for Sounds:

Deer have a fabulous sense of hearing and have many of muscles that allow them to turn their ears in any direction without even moving their head. Another important detail is that they can hear higher frequencies of sound than humans. On a silent day without wind, a deer can hear people from a quarter mile away. If they hear you making noise, it usually takes them up to two hours to come back, so just be patient and stay still. Strange sounds like metal clanking or the sawing of wood are the worst giveaway, so avoid them at all cost.

Deer’s Odor Sense:

Keeping your scent under control is the most important factor of hunting. One day, when you have some spare time, take a deep sniff of a smell you hate – cigarettes, a nasty bar toilet, or a sewer. Now, imagine if that scent were 20 times stronger and you could smell it from 100 yards away. Well, that is how you smell to a deer, with the slight difference that they can smell it from 2000 yards away. As you walk through the woods, you leave your human scent behind. There are many options to block your odor, from hunting special garments to odor-blocking sprays. Be sure to get what you need to help you disguise your odor.
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