Tips to Make a Cold-Weather Camping Trip Comfortable

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Dress Appropriately for Camping in Winter

Camping in the snow appeals to adventurers who love the beauty and peacefulness of a pristine winter landscape. However, camping in the snowy months demands a little more thought than your average spring or summer outing. Here we show you how to make your winter trip more comfortable.

Winter Camping Clothing

winter camping tips 221x300 - Tips to Make a Cold-Weather Camping Trip ComfortableThe rule of thumb is to stay dry and warm, even when you are not moving. To achieve this, choose clothing layers that wick moisture, dry quickly, insulate and are waterproof and breathable. For the underwear use synthetic and merino wool fabrics. Expedition-weight fleece or microfleece shirts, pants and jacket or a goose down jacket works best as insulating layers. And for the outer layer polyurethane-coated fabrics are your cheapest option.

Footwear & Socks

Your boots need to be warm and waterproof. Snowmobile or moon boots are preferable. Support is less critical than warmth in this scenario. Make sure they fit well and are durable enough for your trip. Avoid wearing an extra-thick sock as it will only cut your circulation rather than warming your feet.

Goggles and Glasses

These items will protect your eyes from sun and wind. You will find different lens tints for various weather conditions.

Extra Clothing Items

camping in the snow 300x199 - Tips to Make a Cold-Weather Camping Trip ComfortableAlways carry a spare hat (consider windproof models) and a set of mittens. Also, keep an extra pair of gloves in case they get wet, or be prepared for frostbite or a foreshortened trip.
Gaiters are a must when there is deep snow. They help keep snow and water out of your boots. Use a waterproof and breathable model designed for winter.
Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen as reflective snow can harm your skin.
Stay tuned to discover more tips for making your cold weather adventure successful.
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