Tips for a Kayak Trip

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Kayak Trips are Great Experiences!

Take into account some considerations

  • You have to study well the area to which you are going, know the problematic places and most importantly, where there are places to disembark.
  • It is also convenient to know any interesting places to visit, and places on the way, to stock up.
  • It is important to take a map, or a GPS with cartography, with the points of interest marked as waypoints. You can find several portable GPS models also, which work very well.
  • If the planned trip is more than one day and you are going to camp, you should look for possible beaches or coves where you can set up.
  • Another issue that you must take into account before making the trip is the weather conditions, within two or three days.Colorado Tent by River 300x300 - Tips for a Kayak Trip
  • It is necessary to know the direction and strength of the wind to plan in which direction you are going to make the trip. This is in case you are going to sail. If it is a river, it is not so important.
  • If the trip is more than one day, you must carry some safety implements, such as a paddle float, replacement paddle, tow rope, a knife or multi-purpose blade, mobile phone with a waterproof case, help horn, and strobe light (in case it is night). Always wear a special vest for kayaking.
  • It is always important to leave with a trusted person, your route and destination, your departure time, and if it is several days, a detailed itinerary.
  • As for clothing in summertime, or a day trip, wear shorts, shirt, hat, sunglasses, water shoes, and apply sunscreen, water or moisturizing drinks, and some food.
  • If the trip is more than one day, you have to plan to bring a tent, food and drinks, flashlight, stove, etc., everything you need to set up camp.

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