Tips for hiking in autumn

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What is the best season to go hiking?

The autumn season is the best for hiking. The colors offered by the flora in the forests are spectacular. The weather is ideal, the temperatures are mild, and there aren’t many people on the sites.

It should not be forgotten that autumn is a time of transition; therefore, sudden changes in the weather are possible.

For this reason, it could be the wrong time for novice hikers.pikes peak 1273566 e1520619155940 300x300 - Tips for hiking in autumn

In the fall, be prepared for changes in the weather since, at any time, the temperature can drop or the rain falls. Therefore, it is better to follow hiking trails.

Take into account that the practice of hiking presents a high accident rate due to the self-confidence of excursionists because they do not take the necessary precautions.

It is better to take precautions!

  • Among the precautions to be taken, one of them is to have “sports insurance” that covers injuries due to accidents during hiking.
  • Another significant point to take into account is the clothes that must be worn or carried in the backpack due to the possible changes in the weather.
  • The cold temperature in the first hours of the morning becomes warmer as time progresses, making it more pleasant to walk in the mountains and forests.
  • It is crucial before starting the walk to review the weather forecast, getting a better idea of ​​what clothes to wear.

Equipment to carry

1) A backpack that is waterproof and fits our size.

2) Flashlight or lamp, in case you have to walk at night.hiking 1312226 300x198 - Tips for hiking in autumn

3) Compass

4) Clock

5) Smart mobile phone

6) Hiking poles

7) Waterproof thermal shirts

8) Special hiking shoes

9) Gloves, cap

10) Convertible waterproof pants

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