BBQ Tips When Camping

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Using the grill when camping

One option for cooking when camping is to prepare grilled meals, which are also delicious and very healthy.

When preparing a barbecue at the campsite, always be cautious, so the fun does not end in disaster.

For that reason, you should follow these expert tips for grilling without problems.


1) If the grill has been in storage for a long time without being used, make sure it is in good condition before using it, regardless of whether it is gas or coal.shashlik 762529 e1494261688207 300x300 - BBQ Tips When Camping

2) Inspect the utensils you will use for cooking and cleaning.

3) Locate the barbecue away from the tent, or any flammable material.

4) Place the grill on a flat surface, apart from the wind.

5) Turn it on properly, avoid using gasoline or alcohol, but instead use correct starters.

6) Never leave the fire unattended, and prevent children from playing near the barbecue. Any sparks that jump from the grill can cause a fire, so be alert.

7) Have something on hand in case the fire spreads, such as a fire extinguisher, bucket of water or sand.


1) Check that tents for sleeping are in excellent condition.denver tent 12 300x300 - BBQ Tips When Camping

2) DO NOT camp in prohibited areas; there are specific places to camp.

3) Set the tent on flat ground away from rivers or lakes and not under a tree with loose or hanging branches.

4) Be informed ahead of the camping areas that do not allow barbecues or bonfires.

5) Do not light fires near the camp to avoid a fire.

6) Bring a first aid kit, a GPS, a compass, and a generator to charge the mobile phone battery.

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