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Hiking is Good Exercise at Any Age and in Many Places

Everybody knows that exercise is crucial for our health. Hiking is something we can practice at any age and in many places. You can practice both in summer and winter, and in the USA there are plenty of places for your practice.

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  • Planning the route: the more details and previous knowledge you have of the route you are going to, the less you will experience unpleasant surprises. It is essential to know the course, the length, type of terrain, and estimated time that it will last.
  • Usually taken as a reference for a walking speed of 2.5 miles per hour. But you must take into account a different pace when children or older adults are hiking, and whether the terrain is uneven, and the physical condition of the participants.
  • It should be taken into account whether there will be delays, such as streams, mud, or stretches that cannot be crossed for any reason.
  • Be prepared for weather conditions during the trip.
  • Plan the departure and arrival times very well.
  • Always try to go accompanied, even better if it is a group. If not then let a trusted person know the route that you are going to follow and the estimated time of arrival, especially if there is no way of communication.
  • Prepare a backpack with everything necessary, making sure it is light enough to be able to walk comfortably.
  • During summer, bring enough liquid to hydrate.
  • The importance of hiking is to enjoy the walk, the landscape, and animals — no need to break any records.
  • If we go in a group, not all people will walk the same speed, adapt to the rhythm of the slowest person.

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