Tips for camping in the winter #2

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Get ready to camp in the winter

Use a tent suitable for winter

Depending on the climate of the area where you will be camping in winter and how many people will be in it, you should choose an appropriate tent.

Remember that an igloo is not so high so it is much easier to maintain a proper temperature. It is indispensable to be sure that the tent is waterproof and strong enough to support the worst weather. camping in the snow 300x199 - Tips for camping in the winter #2

Wear appropriate clothing

Both your sleeping bag and your clothes should be suitable to protect you from the cold. Never wear wet clothes in the winter because you would catch a cold quickly. Just carry the number of clothes necessary to be ready to change if your sweat.

Maybe you would think that adequate shoes and socks are not so important, but they are. It is much easier to keep warm with dry feet, and your body temperature will be fine. Quick drying socks are special for these occasions.

Orientate well your camping tent

  • The tent should be set in a way that is protected from the wind or install an additional windbreak.
  • If possible, camp near the bathrooms, to spend less time outdoors when you need the restrooms.hiking 1373039 300x300 - Tips for camping in the winter #2
  • If you decide to go camping in the winter, you need adequate equipment. If you are going to practice outdoor sports, such as hiking, you will have to carry a waterproof case for your backpack. Also, it is also a good idea to bring a shovel because you will probably need to remove the snow.
  • It is better to take a flashlight that does not require batteries.


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