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Things You Cannot Forget When Camping

The summer is gone, but that doesn’t mean that camping is over! Many people still enjoy spending time outdoors during the fall, which is one of the most beautiful times to be out in nature. Whether you go camping with a group of scouts, with the family, or just with friends, it is relaxing to spend a few days disconnected from the city, just admiring the changing colors of the leaves and filling up with energy.

If you like camping, or you will do it for the first time, check out these six tips to make your experience the best

Lighting:light 250848 - 6 Tips for Campers

It is nice to see the stars in complete darkness, but flashlights or lamps are always needed while camping to set the tent at night, to look for clothes, etc. If you have a flashlight, it’s much better, and you should also carry spare batteries if you use that power source.

First aid:first aid kit 59646 e1489798560734 - 6 Tips for Campers

A medicine chest should never be missing in your expeditions. You must wear gauze, bandage patches, povidone, cotton, needle, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, sticks of ice cream, and if you need any remedy, take it as well. Health comes before anything else.

Repair:army 2186 - 6 Tips for Campers

You must have a knife (hopefully a Swiss knife) and some essential tools like a hammer, especially to set the tent.


You always have to have water on hand, any hydration system, and if you go near a river, you should have a water filter or another treatment system so you never run out of the vital element.

Food:No bake superfood chewy granola bars packed full of seeds nuts dried fruit and dark chocolate - 6 Tips for Campers

You must nourish yourself adequately every day so that you do not faint on your walks. Make a menu and bring nuts, granola bars, cookies, cereal, and fruits.

Shelter: spalluto1 - 6 Tips for Campers

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