This Built America feat. The Custom Colorado Wall Tent

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The Denver Tent Co. has kept up a proud tradition of making their quality canvas tents right here in America. Our team of tent makers has been with us since the beginning, ensuring that our dedication to quality American made products remain a core value. Our tents are as at home in the wilderness today, as they would have been in the 1800s. It is because of this tradition that our canvas wall tent, the , is featured in a series of stories called This Built America.

American made canvas wall tents in Colorado

Our canvas tents are still being custom made by hand using strong, beautiful, natural canvas, supplemented by as many American-made materials as possible.
Photo: Bill Leingang, This Built America

Escape from civilization

When Bill Leingang, a former Steadicam operator, decided to leave his life of civilization and reconnect with nature his biggest obstacle was finding a tent that would last more than a few seasons. Leingang wasn’t just going on an extended weekend camping trip, he was going to stay in the wilderness for weeks at a time, and the neon nylon pop up tents just wasn’t cutting it, and Leingang sought out new options.

This Built America feat. Denver Tent Co.

The Colorado Range Tent (Cowboy Tipi) is the continued choice of the working ranch cowboy and campers who want a tent that sets up very easily and quickly.

Discovering the Denver Canvas Wall Tent at an expo, he decided to try it out one summer day. Leingang pitched a tent out on the Colorado prairie. As evening rolled in, and the light began to change, so did the weather. But, despite 65 mph winds, the canvas tent stood strong.

Natural American made materials

Throughout history, people have built shelters to survive in the wilderness. The best products were those found in nature itself. What better way to protect yourself from nature than to use nature’s products? At first, cotton and hemp were woven into fabrics to act as tents. As the industry moved towards cheaper and lighter materials for making camping tents, The Denver Tent Co. stayed true to their values, believing that if it ain’t broke, you shouldn’t fix it!
Today, as the name would imply, the canvas wall tent is still being custom made by hand using strong, beautiful, natural canvas, supplemented by as many American-made materials as possible.
Check out This Built America to find out more about the history of our company, our dedication to caring and quality, and why the Denver tent is still standing strong whether you’re glamping, hunting, camping, or living and reconnecting with wilderness, like Bill Leingang.

American made canvas wall tents by Denver Tent Co.

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