Things to Carry on a Hiking Trip

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Hiking in the summer or warm climates

For the practice of hiking especially in the mountains you need specific equipment, it also depends on the time of year whether it is winter or summer, whatever the time there is one thing that can never be absent: the backpack.

Basic equipment needed

  • The clothes should be comfortable and loose, soft or light fabrics that do not stick to the body since you are struggling with heat or high temperatures. Remember that you must be fresh. If you wear shirts with long sleeves, they should be light in soft colors that are comfortable for the heat.hiking 1312226 300x198 - Things to Carry on a Hiking Trip
  • You should prepare some areas of the body, such as the armpits and groin.  In the summertime, you will sweat a lot, and you must keep these areas as dry as possible because they can be affected, so make sure to wear clothes made of breathable fabrics.
  • Don’t forget to protect your head with an ordinary cap or a hat. Wear a hat that protects from the sunlight and with UV protection. The clothes must also have UV protection and use sunblock for the exposed parts of our body.
  • It is also essential to protect your eyes, therefore wearing UV / UVB protection sunglasses.
  • The backpack is an accessory that should be comfortable to carry on your back. Distribute the weight you carry inside the pack making it comfortable since you will walk for long hours.
  • It is essential that the backpack is made of fabric that allows the passage of air so that it does not cause excessive sweating.
  • The ideal backpack weight should be no more than 7 kilograms.
  • Take enough water to hydrate; the best way is to take small and constant sips.range tent pole set 300x300 - Things to Carry on a Hiking Trip

Hiking and camping is the best arrangement

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