There's No Place Like the Colorado Outdoors

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Preparing for the great Colorado outdoors

There’s no doubt that Colorado is one of the greatest states to be an outdoors adventurer. We’ve got 42 state parks, 11 National Forests, 2 national grasslands and over 4,000 campgrounds state wide. From primitive camping in secluded areas with little to no amenities, to private complete with showers and wifi, the Colorado outdoors has something for everyone.

Colorado National Forests

Pike and San Isabel National Forests, Colorado
Photo: National Forest Service

Here’s what you should know about camping in Colorado

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Photo credit: Josh Franer -This Built America

Once you’ve picked your destination it’s time to pack your bags and head out. Even in the heat of summer, the Colorado weather is unpredictable, and in the higher altitudes temperatures can drop below freezing at night.

Here’s a checklist to help you pack:Made in Colorado

• Tent with a rain cover
• Down sleeping bag
• Pillow and sleeping pad
• Camp stove and/or matches to use your campsite’s fire pit
• Plenty of drinking water and food
• Can opener, aluminum foil, paper plates, cups/mugs, utencils, multipurpose knife, trash bags, paper towels
• Layers of clothing, including water-resistant coat, wool socks and long underwear
• Flashlights/headlamps/lanturns
• Sunscreen, bug spray, first-aid kit, toilet paper

Denver Tent Text

The best camping equipment in Denver, Colorado

This Built America

Photo credit: Josh Franer -This Built America

Denver Tent Company has been making high quality tents and camping equipment for over a century. We work with industry professionals to make sure we have the best product in the industry. Our tents are built to last, made from the best materials, and are hand crafted and sewn right here in Denver, Colorado. For the best canvas wall tents, sportsmen tents and camping equipment, call Denver Tent Company.


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