The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 8

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Last week we were discussing your campsite cooking needs and we are going to continue where we left. Plates and bowls are another thing to consider when camping. Melamine plates are an excellent option for their sturdiness and light weight. On the other hand china plates will keep your food warmer for longer and if handled properly, they will outlive any melamine plate. Their problem is clearly how delicate they are since they will shatter if struck hard and also their weight. If you do choose to go with the china, the less plates the better. Also, try washing your dishes more often to pack less of them.
Timberline Stove - The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 8

Choosing a Stove

There are many camping cooking stoves in the market and you need to think of your needs first. A big group of people will need larger stoves with more burners for example. There are also backpacking stoves as well as stoves that you need a car to transport. The weather conditions are also a factor to take into consideration when choosing your stove. Take your time and do some research before jumping to the first one you see. The smart camper is always patient and plans his moves ahead of time.

Reviewing your Checklist

As we have mentioned before, a smart camper will always keep a list of the fundamental necessities in regards to many aspects of camping. One crucial list is the one regarding all your camping cookware, for this reason, we bring you this essentials checklist.

  • Stove
  • Fuel source
  • Lighting materials (matches, lighter or flints)
  • 1 Pot
  • 1 Pan
  • Cups, plates and bowls.
  • Cutlery allowing two items per person.
  • Food and sauces/condiments/oils, including seasoning and dressings.
  • Tin opener and cutting table
  • Scissors and a sturdy knife
  • Stirring and serving spoons
  • Skewers or prongs for toasting.
  • Cloths to strain food or tidy up.

Hopefully, this post will improve your next camping trip and make things easier and tastier on your campsite. The Smart Camper’s Voice vows to keep bringing useful information for the savvy and intelligent campers out there.

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