The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 7

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Camping can sometimes be portraited as boring and full of unwanted events. This is a common occurrence when you don’t do your research the right way. Within the things that may go wrong, the ones involving your campsite cooking can be of the worst. From leaving the can opener back home to disastrous spills, you have to anticipate them. Although a savvy camper will always be one step ahead and with the right information, events can be anticipated and prevented. For this edition of The Smart Camper’s Voice we would like to bring you some info regarding campsite cooking; tools and equipment plus some safety tips.
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Space and Volume

After camping for a while you find yourself owing a whole lot of equipment. That does not necessarily mean that you need to always take all your camping gear. Excess baggage will just slow you down and will make the packing and unpacking process more tedious. Depending on the amount of time you are gonna spend you may wanna consider between a coldbag and a coldbox. Coldbags will be perfect for one day trip as coldboxes will clearly help you for longer camping trips. You will also find fridges designed for camping but remember to keep them outside the tent if  they are gas powered.

Steel against Aluminum

You need to think of the conditions that your camping cookware is gonna be under when choosing it. The two most common types are aluminum and stainless steel or titanium. Both have their pros and cons and it would be wise of you to consider them before choosing. Aluminum is lighter and will keep you bags lightweight and due to that reason prone to being dented easily. On the other hand, steel as well as titanium will always be a safe bet for sturdiness and heat resistance. Their weight and price are to be considered though.
On the next Camper’s Voice we will continue discussing your campsite’s cooking needs.

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