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On this edition of The Smart Camper’s Voice, we are going to honor Halloween. Our favorite holiday as kids, Halloween was a time for dressing up and getting a belly ache next day. November 1st is All Saints Day which used to be called All Hallow DayThe evening before used to be referred to as All Hallows Eve or All Hallow Even and here is where our modern holiday got its name. Camping may be scary sometimes, the sound of the wind on trees may seem like a wailing cry and evening shadows can resemble strange creatures. For this reason, we wanna bring you information on some of the creepiest and scariest camping location any camper may want to consider for his next trip.
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Local Spots

There are many scary places within the US that will chill your spine and leave you cold but we are looking into wooded areas where, a camper could venture to spend a night.
Old House Woods, Virginia: A site said to be haunted by the ghost of soldiers. Battleground for the American Civil War as well as the Revolutionary, apparitions from ghost ships to Spanish soldiers are said to be seen. People that go in these woods experience an immediate drop in the temperature and local folk always tell their youths to stay clear from it. Only a brave camper would venture into grounds such as these.
Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts: Part of the Bridgewater Triangle, an area of 200 square miles in southern Massachusetts plagued with paranormal activity. History states that this forest was bought from the native Wampanoag Tribe but was site to sacred burials and from that point it has gone from bad to worst. From murders to satanic rituals, the place is said to also host sightings of UFOs and even Bigfoot.
Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina: A place said to scare away any dog that approaches it. Story says that the devil wanders around at night thinking of new ways to do evil onto the world. The ground is barren and vegetation scarcely grows. Those who dare try to camp in its vicinity do not make it through the whole night and if so they are never sane again.
Don’t let ghost stories stop you from camping, they are a great way to share a campsite fire while roasting marshmallows.  Although you may want to be wary of camping in the sites we just mentioned if you are one to believe in superstition and the the paranormal.

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