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“There’s no place like home,” at least that is what the old saying says. Wise words if you consider them and a reminder for us to cherish what we have worked for. For the smart camper, it’s no different since even though he may not have a permanent home while camping, his tent is going to be his place of residence while on a camping trip. For this reason there are many things to consider when picking out the tent that’s gonna be your “home” while camping.  This week the Smart Camper’s Voice will take a break from our state’s best camping sites and focus on the how to choose the right tent.
Inside wall tent Apr 2015.4 - The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 4

Making the Right Choices

It is all a matter of choices when it comes to picking your tent, but there are several factors to take into mind. First off start by determining the size of your party. The amount of people is a major factor to consider since you will be spending a considerable amount of time in your tent. Take notice that you may need some extra space (a pet, extra equipment, etc), for this reason you may always want to include space for an extra person when calculating the size of your tent. Not only that but people may be claustrophobic, they may toss and turn much during the night or just the fact that they may need a little more than elbow space to sleep. Tents are manufactured in 3 different categories that depend on the season your are going to use them on.  3 Season tents will provide you with good airflow due to their various mesh panels while still safeguarding you against insects and such. These tents are designed to withstand regular rain (provided you set up a rainfly), but will cave under harsh weather conditions. 3-4 season tents offer the camper the ability to camp in harsher conditions. Be in late fall or early spring, these type of tent will provide the adequate airflow yet still retaining heat. Lastly you have the 4 season tents which are made to withstand the elements. If facing heavy snowfalls or fierce winds, this tents are made with sturdier materials than your 3 season tents and will keep in the warmth via rainflys that extend almost to the ground.
Take this handy tips into consideration and avoid overspending or buying a tent that is to small for your needs. The smart camper always plans ahead and his trips are always a success. Follow us for tips and information that will make your camping trips more enjoyable, safe and comfortable.

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