The Smart Camper's Voice / Entry 3

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This week we are going to follow up on our state’s reviews of great camping sites. With winter on it’s way and autumn already on us, we are going to focus more on Southern States for a while. This due to the fact that a lot of national parks or wildlife refugees are closed for the season.  Early snowfalls will block access roads and unfortunately man power to clear them is not cheap. So lets take a look further south and enjoy the great outdoors and the whole camping experience while still not getting your bottom frozen.
colorado tent with window - The Smart Camper's Voice / Entry 3

Land of Enchantment

Bordering Colorado to the north, Arizona to it’s west, the Lone Star State at it’s east flank, New Mexico is truly the Land of Enchantment. Land of rich heritage due to it’s Hispanic ancestry, New Mexico is the 5th most extensive state. With this said, you can now imagine the amazing camping possibilities that this beautiful state offers. Lets look into some of the best camping and outdoor areas New Mexico has to offer.
White Sands National Monument: A true and unique site for anybody and a once in a lifetime opportunity for any photographer. 275 square miles of dunes made out of gypsum sand makes it the biggest in it’s kind. With ten amazing campsites, enjoy the stars in the dessert night in a way you have never experienced them before. Reservations cannot be done due to missile testing on the adjacent missile range.
Santa Fe National Park: Established in 1915, this beautiful park has elevations ranging from 5,300 feet to 13,103 feet. Due to this fact, the area offers an amazing range of activities as well as campsites. Consisting of five different districts, you will be able to find relaxing natural hot springs in Jemez Ranger District to the lush vegetation found on Coyote Ranger District. With over 25 camping sites, there is no way to go wrong.
Elephant Butte Lake State Park: If water sports or fishing is your thing, this is the place to go. With over 173 developed campsites, the possibilities are endless. Pristine lakes will be the delight and the activities allowed go from motorized and not motorized boating to kayak and canoeing. It’s name comes from an elephant-shaped butte located at the head of the dam.
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