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This week the Smart Camper’s Voice brings you tips on cold weather survival. Being the winter is still not over, we want to bring our readers some extra information that may save your hide. Of course planning ahead of time your camping trip will help you avoid many inconveniences. Always take your time; a week or so before your trip and start a list of all the things you’ll need based on the location you choose and the weather you’re going to encounter. We know with proper preparation and planning we can avoid a lot of situations, but perhaps a little room for unforeseen events shows wisdom. Ignore the ignorant and follow your gut instinct to prepare.
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Foresee the Unforeseen

There are many things you may pack every time you have gone camping that you never used. From a knife to your first aid kit, the fact that they have never been used doesn’t mean you won’t need them. We always expect to come back from our camping trips and the gear that hasn’t been used before may just be your savior. It is of particular importance to practice building a fire in adverse weather. Spend a night out in the cold and you will quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of a fire. Often we find that people will purchase a fire starting tool and never test it properly . If you have not started a fire in the snow or right after a rain storm, then it’s time you start doing so. That way you will be adequately acquainted with your gear and will have the necessary practice. Always remove the snow from the ground, built a solid wooden base to start the fire. Do your research and carry several fire starters and tinder choices, this will enable you to adjust to different conditions.
We will tackle more cold weather survival skills in future blogs but for now we want to bid you farewell and wish you the best on your next camping trip!
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