The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 18

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Following last week’s blog, we want to bring our readers further information regarding surviving in cold weather conditions as well as ailments that may affect you. For any smart camper will not only avoid dangerous scenarios but will always pack his or her gear thinking of all the possible problems down the road. Cold weather will not discriminate and it will be relentless to any camper that’s not ready for it. Always check the weather forecast of the area you plan on camping and take all the necessary precautions. Being a smart camper will not only give you rights to brag but it may also save your life.
Rocky Mountain 4 - The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 18

Surviving the Cold

Lets start by talking about what frostbite is. It basically occurs when parts of your body get frozen. There are two different types of frostbite but be aware that when frostbite takes place, it is irreversible. Mild frostbite involves only the skin that takes on a dull whitish pallor. Deep frostbite extends to a depth below the skin. Feet, hands, and exposed facial areas usually the first areas affected by frostbit so keep this in mind. Not keeping your feet dry after some hours of walking or hiking may lead to trench foot. This conditions will bring the sensations of needles on your feet followed by numbness and finally pain. Eventually if the condition is not corrected with dry warmth the skin will turn red and then a bluish or black and the feet will swell. Walking becomes difficult and your feet will become heavy and numb. Amputation of the limb may occur in extreme cases. Dehydration occurs in cold weather conditions and a trick to know of it taking place is to check your urine. The darker it gets the more dehydrated you are. Another condition that may affect you is snow blindness. This takes place due to the reflection of the sun’s UV rays on the snow. The person affected will feel pain in their eyes from just moving them followed by redness and a headache. Permanent damage will occur if the conditions are not treated. For this reason always take your sunglasses or bandage your eyes until the symptoms disappear.
Survival tips for cold weather conditions may end up saving you and the Denver Tent Company home to the best camping tents is pleased to bring them to you via the Smart Camper’s Voice.

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