The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 17

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We are here again with tips and information for all smart campers out there. Those that have their camping gear visible and at hand just waiting for the opportunity to hit the road and lose themselves in the wild. Retaking a subject we discussed in the past, in this edition of the Smart Camper’s Voice we bring you information on how to survive in the cold. What better time to talk about this subject than right now that winter is hitting us strong. Knowing what to do in any situation be it camping or otherwise may be the difference between life and death.
Rocky Mountain 3 - The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 17

Surviving the Cold

There are key elements to surviving cold weather and we got 3 basic tips that any smart camper will follow. Clothe yourself in layers. Avoid tight clothes since it will cut the correct blood circulation which helps your body to maintain it’s heat. Tight clothing reduces the amount of trapped air and it is this air that also acts as insulation. A vital thing you need to avoid is sweating. Sweating will release the heat inside your body and this is what you are looking to avoid. You will also need to avoid getting wet as much as possible. Shop for water repellent outer clothing, this way you’ll maintain your inner self warmer. If you need to dry out your clothes try using direct sunlight as well as hanging it if there is good wind. If you have a campfire you may try hanging it over the fire but be wary not to burn your clothes.


It happens when you body’s temperature starts going down. First you will start shivering which means that your body is trying to warm itself. Sluggish thinking, irrational reasoning will follow as well as the feeling of warmth. This is a critical point since you need to heat yourself up but trying will bring pain. Many people will stop fighting at this point but it is actually when you have to fight the most. Under these condition you should never reheat your body with a big shock such as a hot tub since the person will have a high risk of suffering cardiac arrest.
We will continue on the same subject on our next blog and remember to check out the Denver Tent Company for the best seasonal tents in the market!
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