The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 13

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Knowledge is power. This famous line is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon the 16 century English philosopher. And it has remained true and will remain throughout time. There is nothing more important to know how to deal with a specific situation before it takes places. From avalanches to flooding, any camper has to be ready for any situation that may arise. Most of the time it is the knowledge that you have picked up that will save you from a bigger disaster. The Smart Camper’s Voice wants to bring you tips on how to deal with different situations a camper may have to face when out in the wild.
Rocky Mountain 2 - The Smart Camper’s Voice / Entry 13

Prevention is Key

We will be taking a look into how to survive natural occurrences that may befall our readers when out camping. We want to start with avalanches since there are some very good tips on what to do during and after an avalanche. Of course the best thing you can start by doing is preventing. Avoid terrain sloped between 30 and 45 degrees, as well as gullies and ravines for these are major avalanche spots. If you are unfortunate an happen to caught in an avalanche,  try to paddle your way to the top. Ditch any ice picks, skis or poles you may have with you; they will only get in the way. You can also assume the whitewater position: feet downhill and in a sitting position to absorb the shock of obstacles. When the avalanche starts slowing down you need to start creating an air pocket around your head. The more your lungs can expand the better, so take deep breaths to ensure this. Space is time, and time increases the odds of rescuers finding you before it’s too late.  You may also want to look into taking an Avalanche Level I class which are widely given in many National Parks and Wildlife Reservations.
We will look into other natural hazards that a camper may face on our next edition of The Smart Camper’s Voice.

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