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To bring our readers useful information regarding camping destinations as well as tips for all campers out there, that is the Smart Camper’s Voice reason to be. This edition is not the exception and we are going to take a look into another US state and 3 of its best camping sites. This time around with have chosen another southern state due to winter coming in hard on the northern states. By this we don’t not want to discourage campers to avoid camping in winter weather, our last blog was precisely about what you need to have a good camping experience in snow and cold weathers.
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Bayou State

Louisiana better know as the “Bayou State” is located south between Texas and Mississippi with Arkansas to the north. Famous for Mardi Gras and its marshes and swamps, its state capital is Baton Rouge. With an amazing multicultural heritage due to its French and Spanish influence, Louisiana is a great destination for campers. Amazing places to camp in Louisiana include the following:
Fontainebleau State Park: Bordered on three sides by water via Lake Pontchartrain, Bayou Cane and Bayou Castine, this is an exquisite site for bird watching. With over 160 camping sites to choose from, this state park offer a wide variety of trails to enjoy including Tammany Trace, an old railroad track that runs through the park converted in rail-trail.
Kisatchie National Forest: A very singular place for campers to go. With some of the oldest rocks in the state and home to longleaf pine forests that have been diminished throughout the last century. Also home to rare hillside seepage bogs and calcareous prairies, this National forest has over 40 camping sites and more than 100 miles of trails.
Rockefeller Wildlife Refugee: Donated to the state of Louisiana by the Rockefeller Foundation and declared wildlife refugee in 1920, it is one of the most biologically diverse wildlife areas in the nation. An amazing place for people looking to do some fishing and boating, this wildlife refugee also has a huge alligator ranch.
Many more amazing camping sites await you in Louisiana, so why not pack your bags and start that camping trip you been planing for so long.

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