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December not only brings Christmas to us but also the cold winter. Our snow gear comes out and we need to layer ourselves with clothes in order to survive the bitter cold. Not everybody is fond of winter, heck even birds fly south to avoid it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it and that you can’t go out camping during winter time. Winter camping may be more complex than camping in any other season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your camping trip. For winter season provides the camper with unique landscapes and fewer fellow campers or park visitors. Winter’s embrace, the trees without leaves, frozen lakes and unique visions await the intrepid camper that will venture into nature during this harsh but beautiful season. The Smart Camper’s Voice wants to bring its readers some tips to make their winter camping much more enjoyable.
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Tips for Winter Camping

First off you need to think about the location where you are going to camp. Consider the location you are going, do not aim for remote areas that could leave you stranded. Because of the previous reason it is also important for you to check the weather conditions of the location you are going to visit. Keep in mind that it is common during winter to get hit by unexpected storms. Your equipment is essential for extra comfort and warmth. Make sure your sleeping bags are adequate for the season and an extra mat or air mattress to place beneath it will help you maintain an appropriate temperature. And when it comes to proper equipment we need to stress the need for a 4 season tent since anything else can bring unpleasant result to your camping experience. You will also needs heartier meals instead of your tuna sandwich and fruit. Soups and stews will provide you the extra energy and warmth that you will definitely welcome. If you are thinking of a campfire, come prepared beforehand. Firewood may be difficult to come by under the conditions so bring it on yourself if possible.
Stick to our advice and you should have a great time on your next winter camping trip!!

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