The Denver Tent Company Gets Artistic

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Denver Tent Co. has been making custom made tents since 1890. It’s a long proud tradition of providing the best product for all camping adventures, whether you are roughing it in high altitudes or risky climates, or family camping in one of our simpler Herder Tents. But Denver Tent Company is so much more than just tent constructionist. Because everything is made right here in Colorado by real people who custom cut, sew and assemble each of our products, Denver tents has the luxury of expanding way beyond just tent making.


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Photo: Crystobal Palma


Biennial of the Americas 2013

66 p3cp planb du 0007 300x300 - The Denver Tent Company Gets Artistic

Photo: Crystobal Palma

The Biennial of the Americas hosted by Denver is designed to bring together business, government, arts and culture. One of the installations featured plan: b arquitectos’ “Clouds”. The teal nylon fabric used for these inverted umbrellas, or “clouds”, were custom made by Denver Tent Company and sewn by our skilled sewing team. Our goal has always been to make the best outdoor tents and product resources, and we are constantly looking to advance and improve our product. So it was with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we got to help create the fabric for plan: b arquitectos’ installation, which seeks to soften the hard urban landscape and bring people together, creating a space to gather and relax and socialize amidst the concrete, skyscrapers and traffic that is the norm in the Denver metro area. Thanks, plan: b arquitectos, for letting us be a part of this great installation.


66 p20cp planb du 0250 300x300 - The Denver Tent Company Gets Artistic

Photo: Crystobal Palma

Custom Sewing

Denver Tent offers custom sewing services and provides you with innovative and creative solutions for your sewing needs. We specialize in bags, covers, tarps, curtains, wind screen and just about anything else you can think of that requires custom sewing. With highly skilled sewers who each average 25 years plus of sewing experience and plenty of production space, Denver Tent has the capability and know how to meet all your custom sewing needs.

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