The Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi Since 1916

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When you purchase a hand-made tent form Denver Tent Company, you are not just purchasing any tent. You are purchasing a high quality product that is resistant to all types of weather conditions and made with materials that will last for many years!
Today we will provide more information about our Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi:

pict 2 - The Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi Since 1916

The Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi

We have been offering the Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi in our catalog since 1916. The Colorado Range Tent has a proven design that is the continued choice of the working ranch cowboy. This hand-made tent in Denver has been very popular among campers due to its easy and quick set up. The Cowboy Tipi has proven to be excellent shelter in bad weather and can be supported with an external pole set, or the peak can be hung from a tree limb.

Product Specs

2-way zipper with snap and D-ring closure, 10 oz. vinyl sewn-in floor, Steel stakes and stake bag, Ropes and rope tighteners, Tent bag, Basic Weight: 24 lbs

Optional Productsrange tent - The Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi Since 1916

Webbing ties (in place of zipper and snaps), 3-way zipper door, no screen, 3-way zipper door, with screen, Triangle screened window in rear wall

Denver Tent: Premier Tents and Outdoor Products

Denver Tent Company has worked for over 125 years to create and design a tent that will blend perfectly with the wilderness, and provide you many safe nights and wonderful adventures for years to come. We have been to the highest mountain and the deepest valley. We’ve seen purple mountains and amber waves of grain. Our sportsmen tents have seen it all. Invest in a tent from the superior Colorado tent line, or talk to us about custom sewing your very own tent. We have the best sewing, construction and designing crew in the camping industry.
Call us today or stop by the warehouseCO Made 150x150 - The Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi Since 1916 and see how we can enhance your next outdoor experience. Pitch a tent, kick off your shoes and breathe in some fresh air.

Old Colorado Tent Logo - The Colorado Range Tent/Cowboy Tipi Since 1916

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