The Best Tent for the Correct Event

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With all of the various event tent options out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to go with for your specific event. While a pop-up canopy might be good for some situations, even the best pop-up canopy will not cut it in other situations. Therefore, you need to follow these steps for how to figure out what the best tents made in Colorado will be for your event.

The Ground Surface of the Event Space

When you are hosting an event inside of a convention center or on some kind of outdoor platform or stage, then the anchoring options of your tent is going to be far different from the outdoor event tent staking that you would need for an event taking place on a gravel or sand surface. So the surface material is a crucial part of the decision process when picking a tent from the list of most popular choices.

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The optimal tent size will depend on number of guests, equipment, and much more.

The Amount of Space Available

The size of the event space is even more important than the ground material of the space. If you only have a 30-foot area to work with, then this is going to limit the type of tent that you can get. And you don’t want to make the mistake of trying to pick a tent size that is almost the exact same size as the space you have available. This is because a tent is going to need a perimeter of at least 10 feet in order to help ensure that there is enough space to safely walk around the entire tent and properly secure it in place.

The Venue Location

The location of the venue is going to need to align with the qualities of your tent. This will help to ensure that you have a tent that provides you with sufficient views, accessibility, and weather protection for your specific venue location.

All of these factors will help you ensure that you pick a tent that is the perfect fit for your specific event. Once you know what tent you want, make sure to contact our team of professionals at Denver Tent today.

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