The Benefits of Walking Barefoot

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Let your feet touch the ground

There’s nothing like taking off your socks and shoes and letting your bare feet feel the earth. Normally we don’t do it unless we are sitting in the park or going to the beach, but there are benefits to being barefoot that will make you think twice before lacing up your sneakers for a walk, run or hike. It turns out that we’ve been needlessly protecting our feet from wear and tear by cushioning them off from the world in our pumped up kicks, when we should have been training and strengthening them.

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Your feet are made for walking

Remember a few years ago people started making toe shoes or “barefoot” shoes. It’s like a 90’s toe sock, but with shoe laces. Toe shoes were supposed to give you better support and make you run more correctly. But this isn’t about the toe shoe trend. “Toe shoes” are basically just a way for people to make money off of something we all have: feet. Why replace your own two feet, with expensive shoes to act like your own two feet. But the toe shoe people are on to something: it’s time to stop protecting our fee and start using them to strengthen our entire body. We talk about being healthy inside and out. Well, going bare foot is the first step to being strong from the bottom and up. Once you reawaken the long long muscels and nerve ending in your feet, you will notice a great improvement in knees, hip and back. An active life leads to a sharper mind. Adding years to your life is as easy as taking off your shoes.

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Going bare foot leads to greater balance, greater strength and healthier feet

Going barefoot and letting your feet come in contact with the ground will stimulate new neural connections, waking up the balance system of the brain. The new sensation will also wake up new muscles, since your brain is now telling your body that you need additional support that you used to get from shoes. Your body will start to adapt to this new way of walking, stimulating your whole body to get back in the game and start to strengthen again. This new stimulation will start a chain reaction of wonderfully healthy changes in your body. Going barefoot can lead to greater circulation, increased blood flow and decreased blood pressure. All this additional stimulation of nerves and muscles will ultimately result in fewer aches, pains and ailments. Even your posture will get better once you re-train our feet.

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