The Benefits of Tent Walls

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When you think of an outdoor tent, it is likely that you will picture a canopy with no walls or maybe something with loosely hanging fabric that can be easily pulled back. However, some of the most popular choices are tents that have much more established walls.

Someone who has never been in one of these tents before might be wondering, “When is this necessary?” There are actually many reasons why someone would want to have a tent with walls. To help demonstrate why these tents are important, here are a few of the key benefits of having a custom canvas wall tent.

Added Protection

When you are outdoors, there is a wide range of potential hazards nearby. Some common examples of the threats that someone might face when they spend more than a couple of hours outdoors are rain, hail, wind, or even small critters. When your tent has established walls, it helps to keep all of these things out and make sure that you and your guests remain perfectly safe.

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Walled tents provide much more protection than canopies or tipis.

Impressive Durability

Simply having walls on a tent is not going to be much use if the walls are easily destroyed. Thankfully, most walled tents are constructed using very durable materials that are able to outperform traditional cotton canvas material. So you can stay inside of a walled tent and not have to worry about whether or not it is going to be damaged from the surrounding elements.

Great Mix of Sturdiness and Portability

While a tent with walls often looks rather rigid and permanent, they are actually very portable. This allows you to be able to break down a walled tent and transport it anywhere you might need to take it. Meanwhile, it is still going to be able to provide you with that level of sturdiness that is not seen with other easily portable tents.

All of these benefits should be enough to convince you that getting a walled tent is the right choice to make. When you are ready to order your walled tent, make sure to contact us at Denver Tents.

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