Thanksgiving in the Outdoors

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Start a New Tradition: Camping on Thanksgiving!

Relax, have fun, do something different. You may ask why I would move from home for Thanksgiving? The answer is simple; Thanksgiving is a time to be with the family and slow down. Going camping can give you the opportunity to unplug from everyday life and connect with nature and your family. It could be the best time to get outdoors and be thankful for having your loved ones together in the wilderness. Besides, in Fall the temperatures drop, and the bugs are gone. You forget about the humidity of the Summer and enjoy the cool breeze of Autumn.thanksgiving2 300x200 - Thanksgiving in the Outdoors

Spend Thanksgiving Around a Campfire

Create an Authentic Thanksgiving Meal!

You can bring the turkey legs or breasts and roast them on the open fire. For side dishes, you may bring sweet potatoes and cook them on a skewer and cover them with marshmallows. Also, you may toss corn on the cob over the grill and Voila! Thanksgiving dinner is ready! You made a memorable, different Thanksgiving experience.

Reasons to go Camping on Thanksgiving

1. Family time without interruptions

Heading outdoors away from the internet and television is a good idea. It is usually challenging to spend quality time with your family when you have competitors such as wifi, chatting, and TV. Camping gives you uninterrupted family time.thanksgiving7 300x200 - Thanksgiving in the Outdoors

2. Time to relax

Spending a weekend in the wilderness provides you an experience that will be memorable for your family. Slow down, relax, play and talk. Focus on the essential things in life.

3. Reduce meal preparation

At a campfire, your time preparing Thanksgiving dinner will be shorter and shared by everyone. Also, the clean up will be reduced.

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Take your family to the outdoors on Thanksgiving to a campsite and enjoy quality time with your family. It will be a different and memorable experience for all.


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