Thanksgiving Dinner Under a Party Canopy

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Get out of the routine: celebrate Thanksgiving outdoors

Thanksgiving Day is a tradition in the United States where families get together and make an exquisite dinner.

A good idea for celebrating Thanksgiving, by getting out of the normal routine, is to have an outdoor dinner. It is best to have a Thanksgiving1 e1510947376407 300x300 - Thanksgiving Dinner Under a Party Canopycanopy assembled on the terrace of the house.

There are many options to choose the ideal event tent.

You should knowtrio line pictures 013 e1420783512536 300x300 - Thanksgiving Dinner Under a Party Canopy

  1.  How many people will be at dinner
  2.  How much space needed for the awning
  3.  Important to set up tables where people will sit for dinner

Thanksgiving celebration coincides with the beginning of the winter season. For this reason, the canopy must have some protection against the cold. There are unique awnings that come with folding curtains.

Many people associate the canopies for the summer season, but we can also enjoy them in the winter, of course, taking the necessary measures for the winter season.

The event canopies protect us from the cold in the winter months. The temperature under the tarps and awnings is warmer, and we will not notice the intense cold. So we can relax comfortably sheltered under them in the coldest months.

For Thanksgiving dinner, to have a pleasant temperature under the awning, you can have a stove or a portable heater.

In summary, there must be enough space so that people can be comfortable before, during, and after dinner. It is also essential to have a couple of small tables and a bar where you are going to have drinks.PartyMate2 e1420783424628 300x300 - Thanksgiving Dinner Under a Party Canopy

Best event tents for any occasion: Denver Tent Company

  • The Frame tent is excellent for gatherings limited by confined spaces like a backyard, over a patio, in a parking lot, or against a building.
  • The Pole Tent is still a popular choice for parties, backyard celebrations, receptions, and large scale corporate gatherings.
  • The Colorado Party Canopy is the perfect solution for any event or occasion.
  • Tension Tents feature high, sculpted peaks and engineered to meet 90 mph wind-loads. The tension tent will withstand the elements and look great doing it. Quality welded seams, and vinyl-covered webbing reinforces the graceful contours of the fabric, creating a smooth, tight surface that helps redirect the wind over and around the tent – not into it. It’s not often you can get elegance and durability in the same package.
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