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Making a Thanksgiving Meal at a Campsite Is Possible!

The clue to enjoy Thanksgiving at a campsite is to prepare as many foods as you can ahead of time. Your biggest challenge to avoid stress is “timing.” Making a traditional Thanksgiving meal requires a lot of time since you have to cook many side dishes, salad, turkey, and dessert.
Remember that you won’t have the luxury of a refrigerator and tables or counters as would at home. But if you cook some dishes earlier, you can still enjoy with your family this holiday celebration and have a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at the campsite.

Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving in the Outdoors:
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  1. Check the forecast.If there is a chance of rain, it is better to bring a tarp or top canopy. You need to be very comfortable, so be sure you have a lot of firewood in case it gets cold.
  2. Prepare the dishes you can at home. The more you can prepare at home in the comfort of your own kitchen, the better your experience at the campground will be. For example, you can put some already measured ingredients in zip-lock bags or Tupperware containers. Bake the apple or pumpkin pie the day before and just re-heat it. Anything that can be done in advance will give you more time to focus on the meal while camping.
  3. Distribute responsibilities. Don’t try to be the perfect host. Delegate tasks such as cutting wood, cutting vegetables, setting the table, or preparing cocktails.
  4. Use paper plates. Forget about the complication of elegant dishes.
  5. Try some easy recipes such as “Upper Crust Apple Pie,” which does not require dough, and “Cranberry and Toasted Almond Lettuce Salad.” There are hundreds of simple, delicious recipes you can try.

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