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Why install awnings at a reception?

Nowadays, awnings are not only used for protection from sun and rain; they have become an essential element in the decoration and organization of events and parties, such as weddings, corporate receptions, fairs, children’s parties, graduations, among others.canopy 300x140 - Tents for Every Event!

History of Awnings

The Colosseum in Rome was the first place that installed a type of folding awning. It was made with the same kind of sail canvas as boats. They used rope, nets, pulleys, and wooden platforms.  Protection from the rain and sun was useful. Later, it was replaced by linen which was a lighter material and more comfortable to manipulate. The first awning with arms was installed in Paris in 1889. Then, it became popular in more countries throughout Europe such as Spain and Portugal. Finally, awnings became more and more popular all over the world. The first arrangements were handmade, sewn by hand with needle and thread. Over the years and thanks to technology, awnings have experienced a significant transformation in manufacturing methods, designs, and materials.

Social Events with awnings have many advantagesbroncos 4 300x300 - Tents for Every Event!

  1. Of course, one of the most critical functions of awnings is to protect us from the wind, sun, and rain.
  2. Awnings optimize space or can divide sections necessary for each event.
  3. They cover old, dirty spaces or walls that do not need to be seen by guests.
  4. Lighting is essential in any event. So under awnings, several options can be used to enhance the decoration.

Denver Covers: Pole Tents

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The Pole Tent is still a popular choice for parties, backyard celebrations, receptions, and large scale corporate gatherings. Sizes range from 10′ to over 100′ with unlimited lengths. Choose from traditional pole tents or elegant tension tents. The high peaks and graceful curves accentuate the most glamorous occasion and create memories that last a lifetime. We have a tent for every event!

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