Tentrr: the Airbnb of Camping

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Tentrr Connects Landowners with Campers

Camping in the outdoors! Nature! Stargazing! Family bonding!

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Denver Tent Company makes the highest quality tents in the USA

Camping is almost the only way to really disconnect from all the stress of work, the city, and technology.
Here is some information Tentrr provides on its webpage:

If you have land and want to earn some extra income call Tentrr, the airbnb of camping. You can share your beautiful land with campers and earn some income at the same time. As they say, it’s a win-win situation.
Tentrr has been highlighted in many articles because they connect landowners with campers that are looking for unique places to enjoy the outdoors.

You supply the land and Tentrr supplies the equipment:

Large Canvas Tent
Queen-Size Cot
5 Person Dome Tent
Pet Friendly
5 Gal Water Container
Outdoor Sun Shower
Stone Fire Pit
Metal Grill
Picnic Table
2 Lounge Chairs
Dry Food Storage
Outdoor Camp Toilet

Major Highlights Include

  • Cooking on the campfire and stargazing at night
  • Camping rentals that could be the future of weekend getaways
  • Campsites are on serene and private pieces of land
  • You can camp alone, in a group, or with your family and friends
  • Within 30 minutes of our campsites are tons of outdoor activities

    Tentrr Has Everything Covered

    Not only will they build a beautiful, fully-equipped camp on your property, they also supply the tools for you to manage your campsite, including booking control and proprietary guest messaging app, and handle maintenance issues.

    Denver Tent Has the Best Tents in the Industry!

    Denver Tent has been making the highest quality tents, bed tarps and tipi’s since 1890! From first-time hunters to seasoned veterans, The line of Sportsmen’s Products has what you need for your outdoor adventures.
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    Denver Tent carries a full line of camp accessories, including ropes, ratchets, stakes, stoves, flags, and products for tent-repair, tent cleaning, and fabric waterproofing. Denver Tent Company also custom fabricates tent frames and coverings for any retail, commercial or industrial application.


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