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Living in a Tent on Your Land – Why not?

Camping on a privately owned property is another way to stay completely legal and, of course, cheap and unique. Camping in your garden is a ‘low cost’ way of living and a great way to save money.
If you have your land and do not want to spend money on building a house, setting up a tent as a home is a perfect way to live without spending a lot of money, and as far from getting in touch with the world.
This style of camping favors people with a very simple idea of housing.  Basically, the tent becomes a room which can be furnished modestly, using only what is necessary. With your tent, you can be very flexible. Find suitable places to camp on your property as if in a forest. For more comfort, you can build a deck to have a more stable surface that is not affected by the humidity of the climate. The tents of Denver Tent Company are made of high-quality material and made for any climate and terrain.
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Camping on your own land is an alternative way of living. It can be said that it is modest but the keyword is to live in a way that one sees more suitable. You can easily turn your camping tent into a home and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis.

For the Weekends

If you have property to get away and rest on the weekends, you can put up a tent and save the money to build a house.

Custom Tents: Denver Tent Company

The Colorado Custom Wall Tent can be tailored to your needs and desires. We can use a variety of fabrics ranging from Army Duck Canvas to WeatherMax. The size can be adjusted for your requirements and the fabric can be adjusted for the look you are after.
We have made taller side walls, side walls that roll up and larger sizes for an inexpensive option to add square footage to space or to create an outdoor space with appeal and comfort.
Call us for more information.

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