Tent History 101

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Tents have been around for quite a while, sheltering human beings from the elements and nature’s wrath. For it was the first nomadic tribes that started using tents to move their settlements easier. So once our ancestors decided to leave their caves, one of the first things they needed were tents. Sure they didn’t have one of our custom wall tents, and their hunters didn’t have our customized hunting tents, but the history of tents did start with them. Any outdoor enthusiast needs to have his tent facts up to date for good fire place conversation. Tents nowadays are mostly used for camping and recreational purposes but still play a big roll on other areas such as the military. For this reason, we would like to bring you his short lesson on their history and different types.
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Types and Slang

First off, you need to add some slang to your camping knowledge. Once the tent has been fully assembled it is known as “pitched”. “Striking” is the process of disassembling your tent. With these couple of terms, you will sound like an expert even if it’s your first camping trip. There are two basic types of recreational tents and it’s purely based on the tents size. The small tent type which can be carried in a backpack or even bike riding such as our Colorado Range Tent. Larger tents have to be transported via an automobile due to their weight, and they often take more time to assemble and disassemble. Our Colorado Lodge Tent is an obvious example of a big tent with a weight of 55 pounds.

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