Tarps and Tents To Protect You from Hailstorms

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Be Prepared in Case of a Hailstorm

People should be more aware of what’s going on outside and check the weather forecast.
Never make a run for the car if you’re stuck in a building during hail. When ice pellets fall, they could do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Simple Precautions to Prevent Damage or Personal Injury

  1. Your first priority is to keep your family safe. If you have to go outside, wear proper shoes and gloves. Never use rain-soaked electrical equipment and watch out for electrical wires, broken glass, and sharp objects.
  2. If you need to drive, do it with extreme caution. Storm damage can vary greatly from place to place. Be careful with fallen trees, but especially be attentive for debris or power lines.
  3. Safeguard your home and vehicle against further damage. Use tarps to reduce the exposure to water wherever possible and protect any personal belongings that may be at risk.

Denver Tent Offers the Best Tarps and Canopies

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broncos 4 - Tarps and Tents To Protect You from Hailstorms


Need a heavy duty commercial grade pop up shade? Our Pop Up canopy has met our rigid testing and requirements for a strong, portable, easy to use, high-quality pop-up canopy. Enjoy the swim meet, BBQ, picnic, by creating the shade you desire for your event.

POP UP TENT CANOPY TOPcloseup Popup Tent canopy - Tarps and Tents To Protect You from Hailstorms

Our heavy-duty canvas 10×10 pop up tent canopy top is just the way to get attention at the Farmers Market or at the swim meet. Use it for commercial or residential applications. We also can logo the top, just call and ask for pricing.

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